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Sony facilities in Mexico make up to 6 million television sets a year. Sony testimonialDown time can impact output on just one production line by thousands of units in a single day.

For Sony, when skill, quality and experience are essential, there is no substitute for Ikegami Mold de Mexico. Years of experience and a well-equipped local facility make Ikegami fast and flexible in offering Sony the best range of options when facing time, cost and reliability trade-offs.

In Sony’s experience, Ikegami can be counted on to spend hours with the Sony engineering team, offering clear explanations on the methods for repairing tools quickly for the most durable results. But even more important, sharing information, expertise and experience has helped Sony engineers time and again to improve future tool designs, ensuring high productivity and reliability in production.

And with Ikegami, you won’t get a bill for every hour they spend working with your team. It’s a part of Ikegami’s fundamental customer service values to do more than deliver a tool. It’s simply the Ikegami way.

“Very few shops have Ikegami’s CNC equipment, CAD systems or laser welders to handle our very large tools,” said Eduardo Preciado, Sony Mechanical Design Engineer. “But at Ikegami, it’s the people, not just the equipment, that make them a true partner. They not only say they’re part of our team, they act like it. We can count on them to work with us to the very end in solving any problem, even if they have to send a team into our factories to do the work on site.”


Bosch Power Tools & Accessories is known around the world as the maker of drills, handsaws, routers, planers and a wide range of power tools for professional tradesmen and consumers. Bosch brands such as Skil and Dremel are famous for their durability, user-friendly design and quality, commanding premium prices and earning customer loyalty.

With a large number of small, detailed parts in a typical product – and the absolute requirement that products meet quality and safety standards – Bosch relies on Ikegami to maintain and repair existing tools.

Their superior command of 3D modeling tools and practical, hands-on experience with what works and what can causeBosch testimonial manufacturing flaws and difficulties downstream is invaluable early in the design process. Then, once tools are in production, Ikegami’s familiarity helps them to maintain Bosch tools quickly and with expert knowledge.

What’s won the Bosch team’s praise and loyalty is Ikegami’s dedication to service. According to Bosch, Ikegami not only knows each tool as though they last saw it yesterday, but their sensitivity to the cost of a down production line is as high as their own.

“Ikegami being in Tijuana saves at least 10 days of wasted time just clearing customs when a tool is shipped to the US. But that’s not the all that makes them superior to any other vendor we could work with. Their staff is mature and we find no trade-offs with equipment and services,” said Bosch Product Development Engineer Arturo Castro. “What’s really amazing is how in tune they are to the importance of fast turnaround on our operating costs. They’ll come to our factory to work day and night so we’re up and running as fast as possible!”

People say it all the time, but in the case of Ikegami and Bosch, the working relationship is a partnership. This is true because Ikegami believes that service and commitment are what make its people, tools, equipment and facilities truly valuable.