Wirecut EDM
Double Hoist System for Molds up to 30 Tons
Flatbed trucks can enter our spacious loading bay for easy access. Our double hoist system can lift and move large molds of up to 30 tons.

CNC Milling Machine
Ikegami is equipped to handle molds of almost any size, from the largest to those designed for manufacturing the most intricate parts.

About Ikegami Mold de Mexico

Ikegami Mold de Mexico is a subsidiary of Ikegami Mold Engineering Company, Ltd. Founded in 1945, Ikegami Mold Engineering Company has over 60 years of experience in mold design and fabrication for customers in the automotive, electronics, medical supply and plastic storage products industries.

Today, Ikegami Mold de Mexico’s primary facility is located in Neuva Tijuana, Mexico to offer convenient service for customers with manufacturing facilities throughout Mexico and the Western Hemisphere. Ikegami also maintains a presence in San Diego, CA to facilitate import/export of replacement parts and new tools from overseas, as well as to better serve customers in North America.

Originally located in San Diego in 1998, Ikegami Mold de Mexico has built an experienced team of factory-trained engineers and craftsman, combined with locally trained staff from Mexico and the US. With nearly a decade working together as a team, Ikegami Mold de Mexico has one of the most experienced teams with proven expertise in mold repair, maintenance and modification for customers in a wide range of industries.

To augment our own experience, we also leverage expert craftsmen and engineers from our parent company in Japan and from those of partners with deep domain expertise in surface finishing and new mold design and fabrication. Combining all those assets, Ikegami Mold de Mexico is uniquely qualified to work with customers to repair and maintain existing mold and to source new tools for the most challenging manufacturing requirements.