Mirror Polish
Injection Mold Texture Capabilities
Texture repair, Sandblast for cavity cleaning new texture (Fine Stipple/Sandblast/Leather type) on small tools.

Repairing Texture Molds
We offer a wide variety of surface textures from high-quality, premium finishes by using chemical applications.

Injection Mold Repair and
Surface Finish


Ikegami Mold de Mexico offers full injection mold repair and surface finish capabilities in our Bajio facility. We offer a tank dip surface finish or “texture” capabilities for many various size molds, and Ikegami’s own expert team provides mirror polishing capabilities following tool repairs.

Choose from hundreds of ways to apply a surface finish to new injection molds before deployment, or even after repairing injection molds. More than a decade of experience working together, Ikegami´s master welders and repair team have perfected techniques for repairing textured molds to faithfully ensure the quality of finish goods products made from repaired injection molds.

The only injection mold repair and surface finish team operating in a single facility, Ikegami Mold de Mexico with surface finish team provide convenient and fast turnaround with pick-up and delivery anywhere in Mexico. So reduce your factory down time and the cost of tool repairs by coming to Ikegami Mold de Mexico to repair and surface finish any injection mold – from the most intricate tools for medical industry consumables to the largest consumer electronics or automotive applications.

Experienced texture technician from Japan stays inside the facility. When customer gets emergency like texture damage on cavity surface during mass-production, he is available for the repair 24 hours every day.