Medical Injection Molds
Automotive Injection Molds
Ikegami Mold de Mexico provides tool modification, repair and texture all in a single facility with a single team responsible for quality results.

Electronics Injection Molds
Ikegami is fully equipped to handle molds weighing up to 30 tons or designed to manufacture the most intricate, high-precision parts.

Quality Injection Mold Repairs


Since 1998, Ikegami Mold de Mexico has maintained one of Mexico’s most well-equipped facilities to maintain, modify and repair injection molds. Located in Irapuato to serve customers in Mexico, Ikegami offers a wide array of CNC milling, wire cutting, EDM, surface grinding and welding equipment to help you modify, maintain and repair injection molds as large as 30 tons or designed for the highest-precision parts.

Ikegami’s highly trained craftsmen are comprised of Japanese, American and Mexican nationals with nearly a decade of experience together as a team, serving clients in the electronics, medical and automotive industries and everything in between.

Through proven partners, Ikegami also offers surface finish capabilities, so you can repair injection molds and have them textured in one facility. You can even work through Ikegami to design and source new tools from the best vendors around the world. We can conduct final QA and partner with you after delivery and installation to extend the life of your tool investment with maintenance, repairs and modifications supervised by one engineering team.

If your injection mold repair requires precision welding, mirror polishing or texturing; or if you want injection mold modifications that enable you to reuse a tool for a new manufacturing line, Ikegami Mold de Mexico is staffed and equipped to provide high quality results.